hiyoko imai

Tokyo born, Amsterdam-based illustrator / paper composer / designer.
Her creations are minimalistic & delicate; tiny details are carefully executed by hand.
Inspired by cooking, balcony gardening, walking and traveling.

Hiyoko is also a founder of tanemaki project.
tanemaki project organizes creative workshops for kids in Tohoku,
the tsunami & nuclear struck region of Japan.
tanemaki website

Mima's butterflies by Indre Zetzsche / kleinFORMAT by Dolores Wally (in German)
/ ONEEIGHTNINE / COOL HUNTING by Karen Day / ENDTOPIC by Laszlito Kovacs (in Spanish)
The Fox Is Black by Danica van de Velde / make it easy by Aron / Kickcan & Conkers by Deborah Beau
Linefeed by Michael Bojkowski / Design Engine by Heather Bulmer / SNOW Magazine by Jean Snow
TOKYOID by Dustin Heerkens / The Best Part by Jason Dean
BLEND magazine 47 by Joachim Baan / Ape on the Moon by Alex Mathers