• Japanese arts & crafts for little artists

    Nihongo Post is a family project, originally created to keep our own son connected to his Japanese roots at our home in Amsterdam. Our simple mission is to encourage him to think, create and express his feelings freely in Japanese. Nihongo Post activity is our tool to have him learn it naturally, playfully. Every season we select various activities inspired by nature and Japanese culture. We love to share Japanese culture through arts and crafts for young children and their families across the world.

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  • Workshop

    Our workshop is a family workshop where parents participate together with their child. Our seasonal craft activities are inspired by nature and Japanese culture. It is designed for children (5+ years old) and their families to learn & enjoy Japanese arts & crafts. Our main activities are seasonal craft, paper craft & book making. We offer good quality art materials such as Japanese washi papers, eco-friendly papers, and paints.


    Scroll down to have a peak of past workshop sessions. Follow our instagram for seasonal craft activities and upcoming events.

Spring 2023 ∙ Spring Kirie workshop at Hotel âme

Spring 2020 ∙ Koma workshop at Stokstaart

Winter 2020 ∙ Miso making workshop

Autumn 2019 ∙ Aki workshop at Stokstaart

Spring 2019 ∙ Butterfly workshop at Bookstor

Autumn 2018 ∙ Aki workshop at Boycott Books

Summer 2018 ∙ Tanabata workshop

Spring 2018 ∙ Tulip workshop at Boycott Books

Spring 2018 ∙ Haru workshop at Boycott Books

Autumn 2017 ∙ Aki workshop 01

Autumn 2017 ∙ Aki workshop 02

Autumn 2017 ∙ Aki workshop 03

Autumn 2017 ∙ Aki workshop 04

Autumn 2017 ∙ Aki workshop 05